The Birthplace of the Modern Gay Rights Movement

On one rather ordinary summer night in June of 1969, the patrons of the Stonewall Inn, a little tavern in New York City's West Greenwich Village, finally stood up in defiance against a regimen of harassment and intimidation openly administered by the New York City Police Department. The events that followed that night and the days after, would send ripples of profound social change around the world. Those ripples would soon grow into waves of change. Historic change that continues as we record these thoughts nearly fifty years hence. It is impossible to project when these  swells of change and equality might subside, but it can be said with relative certainty as we look back, on that steamy summer night in June that The Stonewall Inn would forever become the "Place Where Pride Began."

Welcome to The Stonewall Inn Story. This is our home for sharing the Story of the unassuming little bar located on Christopher Street in the West Village, New York City. 

Over the next months and years, our editors hope to offer an eclectic mix of historical accounts of the events that have made The Stonewall Inn a destination for travelers from around the world.  We will be publishing essays by notable authors and historians, first hand accounts by those who actually witnessed the events of 1969, stories from people whose lives have been profoundly impacted by that night, and, yes, stories about the colorful cast of characters that helped contribute to the Stonewall mythology and urban legends. All together, in this space, these accounts promise to tell a story sometimes tragic and sometimes comedic, a perfect work of fiction, if not for the fact that it all actually happened.